Design   Training   Workshops   to   Meet   Your   Needs:

We design, develop and deliver training programs based on your organizational objectives.  Our design process recognizes and utilizes the principles of adult learning while appealing to the three learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Course customization, meeting learner needs, providing the "must know" skills and knowledge to do the tasks is our primary focus and goal.

Our training methods include state of the art technology, workbooks and/or participant guides, self-paced lessons, e-learning - Computer Based Training (CBT) and/or Web Based Training (WBT), leader-led,  small and large group activities and discussions, hands-on practice sessions, and coaching.

Through the use of technology our e-learning products are available anywhere, anytime and the participant can learn at their own pace.  That's access!

Our "Train the Trainer" provides the skills and knowledge to deliver the training through practice.  We learn by doing!

There are coaching components - to encourage the participants to transfer the skills and knowledge they have learned and practiced in a safe environment to the real world - their workplace.  Implementing a coaching team ensures a return on your investment.