Instructional  Techniques :

Let’s Get Started!

This workshop presents practical techniques to participants who will deliver training in their workplace.  This workshop is hands-on, with lots of practice which provides an opportunity for each participant to acquire the skills to enhance the learning process and gain confidence.

 “Telling isn’t the same as teaching.”
- Robert F. Mager

Email  Etiquette :

Let’s Talk!

This workshop presents guidelines, tips and techniques to use email effectively and professionally, while increasing employee efficiency and protecting your company from liability. The focus of email etiquette is to identify standards for professional business e-communication.

 “E-MAIL has made one of the greatest impacts on the workplace.  Yet despite its frequent use, half (51%) believe the tone of their email is often misunderstood."
-Metro Vancouver News Services

Team  Building :

Together Everyone Achieves More…

Organizations depend on people to create high performance teams.
This one day workshop is designed to explore the behaviours of people working on a team. Whether your team has been formed for a specific project, or works together on an ongoing basis, this workshop will give you insight into team dynamics.

"It's easy to get the players. Getting' them to play together is the hard part."
-Casey Stengel

Additional workshops :

* Business Writing

* Presentation Skills

* Telephone Etiquette

* Customer Support & Service

* Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

* Introduction to Airline Industry

* Leadership 101

One of the things that make Absolute Training Solutions unique is our ability to customize our non-traditional training programs to meet the expectations and needs of our customers.  As a result participants can easily and effectively apply these skills on the job.