We  Learn  by  Doing :

Training faces an increasing challenge to justify its effectiveness in a business world of constant change, advances in technology and shrinking budgets.

A course that has been put together with formal analysis and clear performance objectives is bound to succeed -  a good return on investment for you and your organization.

Absolute Training Solutions uses a systems approach to course design utilizing each phase of analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation.  Sound, reliable products.

The design of our lesson plans include three vital phases to ensure learning takes place.  These are:

* First a "Presentation" phase - where you are exposed to the new skills and/or knowledge.
* Second an "Application" phase - where you have an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge.
* Third a "Feedback" phase - where you can test your level of retention.

We use a variety of delivery methods in each workshop.  Each method utilizes all three phases to maximize the learning results.  Methods may include classroom instruction, facilitation, small and large group activities and discussions, hands-on practice sessions, self passed lessons, and coaching. Facilitate Workshops to Maximize Retention

Facilitate   Workshops   to   Maximize   Retention :

Absolute Training Solutions facilitates workshops utilizing innovative and creative methods.  Our workshops provide an environment that is welcoming and appeals to the three distinct learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Our delivery approach enables participants to hear it, say it, see it and do it,  maximizing retention and self-confidence to apply new skills and knowledge in the workplace.
By introducing a variety of learning experiences we significantly affect the quality of  learning.