Customer  Sales  &  Service :

Your Voice is a Tool…

This workshop explores skills, knowledge and techniques to ensure customer expectations and product are a match, while building customer rapport to close the sale or overcome customer objections and close the sale.  After this one day workshop you will leave with a process that reinforces proven sales and service skills.

 “Everyone lives by selling something."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Resolve  Customer  Dissatisfaction :

Repair the Damage!

Discover strategies to manage dissatisfied customers by identifying how people react and how you can manage your own behaviour.  The strategies focus on empathy, listening skills, questioning techniques and problem solving to benefit the customer and build customer rapport. After this one day workshop you will leave with a proven process to manage customer dissatisfaction.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
Bill Gates Your Voice is a Tool…

Coaching  Skills  for  Leaders :

Positive Reinforcement!

This workshop explores techniques and tools to conduct an on-the-job coaching interview.  The focus of coaching is to reinforce the Customer Support and Service Skills learned. After this one day workshop you will leave with a coaching process that supports and encourages positive team performance.

“People will exceed targets they set themselves.”
Gordon Dryden

One of the things that make Absolute Training Solutions unique is our ability to customize our non-traditional training programs to meet the expectations and needs of our customers.  As a result participants can easily and effectively apply these skills on the job.